A Gorgeously Dark & Dramatic Family Home in Norway — House Call

(Image credit: Submitted by Maria)

Name: Maria
Location: Skedsmokorset, Norway

My husband, Roger, and I built this house and moved in three years ago, and we share it with our two young kids and a French Bulldog.

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New Yorkers: Uber Offers Unlimited Rides for $100 — Design News

Even with Pool, having an Uber habit is hard on the wallet. If you’re in New York, you can test out the company’s new subscription plan starting in October, which is offering unlimited rides in Manhattan for a flat fee.

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Sick & Surreal Nail Art For An OTT Halloween Costume

Halloween is a night to go all out. Willingly suspend your disbelief for the evening with some eerie and utterly entrancing nail art, then pair it with equally surreal fascinators and makeup for a complete costume. Even if you’re a novice with finger polish, these designs are within reach.

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3 Mind Tricks that Will Get You Going on a Big Clean—Without Realizing It

Just like the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the journey to a totally clean apartment—from floorboards to ceiling fans—likely begins with just a ten-minute timer. Even if you don’t feel up to tackling the chores you need to handle, you can get your mind in the mood for cleaning with a simple mental motivational exercise. Here are three to try that help keep “cleaning house” from seeming like an overwhelming task.

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Hear Us Out: 15 Apple Names That Would Work As Baby Names — Kitchn

From Kitchn → 15 Apple Names That Could Be Baby Names

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Beautiful Vintage Bathroom Renovations (That Don’t Destroy Original Tile)

(Image credit: Brownie)

Few things in the world of design are more polarizing than brightly colored bathroom tile. The bright pink (and yellow, and green, and blue) tile that was so popular in vintage bathrooms has been the curse of homeowners pretty much ever since. But lately, the pendulum has started to swing back in the opposite direction, and a few enterprising (or maybe just cash-strapped) remodelers have made the bold choice to update their bathroom but keep all that delicious tile.

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The Secrets of Being a Good Listener—They’re Not What You Think

Is there anything better than a great conversation? Is there anything more frustrating than not being listened to? If your answer to both these questions is “no,” or if you’ve found that others get frustrated with you for not listening, read on for a ton of tips that will help your chats be far more fun, friendly, and productive.

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