10 Stocking Stuffers From Anthropologie (& Five Gifts For Under The Tree)

Anthropologie is a veritable wonderland of giftable goodies, from beauty to home to tech. But before you go in and get overwhelmed by the gorgeous options, take a look at our top picks for 2018. We have ten luxe stocking stuffers sure to impress your favorite Anthro fan on your list – and five big-ticket options in case you want one of those, too. They’ll love it so much they won’t even be tempted to return it for store credit.


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10 Stocking Stuffers From Anthropologie (& Five Gifts For Under The Tree)

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A Minimal and Modern Amsterdam Houseboat Is Dreamy — House Tour

Name: Annelies, Hans, their son Scott and Harry the dog
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Size: 1,507 square feet
Years lived in: 7 years, owned

Born and bred on a houseboat, Annelies has lived on the water practically her whole life. She and her husband Hans had a brief stint of living in a conventional house, but after a year and a half living on land, a great opportunity popped up that they couldn’t resist: a mooring spot became available a stone’s throw away from where Annelies spent her childhood. Eager to build their own house, the couple jumped at this unique chance. The location is fantastic — since the water is right behind a levee it’s very quiet, and yet it’s merely a 10-minute bike ride to the center of Amsterdam.


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8 Expert-Approved Ways to Make Your Home Feel Oh-So-Cozy This Winter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or maximalist, if you live in a tiny studio or sprawling mansion, everyone wants their house to feel cozy. What’s the alternative? Stale, sterile, and boring? Um, no thank you.

While one of the secrets to a cozy home is creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests, there are also several design tricks you can do to give your space an inviting, relaxing vibe. And as winter’s right around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to turn your place into a dreamy, oh-so-cozy oasis.

Here, eight designer-approved tips for cozying your home:


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These Are the 10 Easiest Plants to Grow of All Time

If your idea of indoor gardening is to plop a plant in a corner and splash some water on it once in awhile, this is the list for you. All will be well if you do exactly that for any of the plants on this list.

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Why Are Mortgages Usually 30 Years Long?

You’ve scrimped, saved, and spent more time on Zillow than you’d care to divulge, and you’re ready to add “homeowner” to your list of accomplishments. Now, to choose the right mortgage for you. When it comes to fixed-rate loan programs, there are several options—from five to 50 years. But it’s the 30-year mortgage that’s been most popular among Americans for decades.


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5 Smart Design Hacks for Hiding Ugly AC Vents

If you’re working on a room’s design, that last thing you may think about is an ugly AC vent or other air vents. However, they can often detract from the style of the room. AC vents have a way of looking too modern for rustic or retro styles, too industrial for more whimsical artistic styles and too outdated for those sleek modern styles. This is especially true in older homes, where vents tend to have ugly grating or outdated panels on them that clash with nearly every home style.

But rather than replacing those HVAC vents, why not try to hide them? There are several ways to hide AC vents without obstructing airflow. Take a look below for ways to hide those vents.

AC Vents Doormat

A doormat can make a classy vent covering. Image: Debbie Doo’s

Find a doormat covering for AC vents

Probably one of the neatest hacks you’ll find is covering air vents with doormats. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually a wonderful way to add some style and class.

The photo above shows how a basic open-design doormat fits right over an ugly AC vent. All the homeowner had to do was spray paint the mat to give it a more metallic texture. That helped it look like a stylish and more expensive grate. Two small nails on the top of the mat were all it took to hang the piece. And with that, the vents leading from the air conditioner cooling system are an eyesore no more.

AC Vents Spray Paint

A simple spray paint job on the vent grating can make the vent fit in with the room’s style. Image: You’re Like Really Crafty

Spray paint air vents to match

Another simple idea is to remove the AC vents and spray them to match the surrounding paint. You can usually remove vents easily enough by undoing two screws. Then a can of spray paint turns that previously ugly vent leading from AC units into a color or finish that can match any home style.

You might try the styles you see in the photo above. The vents actually just blend in with the surrounding wall paint. You could also get artsy and creative with the idea. Try painting the vent the same color as a bold accent shade in the room, like a bright cherry red. Or, go for a more metallic shade that stands out if you have an industrial theme. Feel free to get creative while painting those vents.

AC Vents Cover Horizontal Shot

You can actually find stylish and intricate vent covers. Image: Swoon Worthy

Use a cover

There are also plenty of attractive covers that can fit right over the AC vents, or even larger vent eyesores, like this radiator cover in the photo above. A style like this is a creative way to add some geometric classiness to the space. But the open design still means that you’re not obstructing air flow.

You can also paint an item like this to fit in with any room’s color scheme. See how the white cover in the photo above fits in with the light color scheme on the wall. The piece is so well designed that it looks like it belongs there.

AC Vents Shelving Option

Combine an air vent covering with some shelving. Image: Pinterest

Go for shelving

For a more comprehensive approach, add some piece of carpentry over ugly wall vents that lead from the HVAC system. An example is the gorgeous piece in the photo above. You can see the air vents are sitting behind the open diamond-shaped pattern.

The added shelving on the top makes the pattern part of a cohesive piece. Plus, there’s the benefit of adding usable shelving in your home this way. You may need a carpenter to complete this project if you’re not one yourself. But it may be well worth it to cover those ugly vents leading from the air conditioning or heating system.

AC Vents Furniture Option

Furniture can go in front of an ugly AC vent, as long as it has an open design at the bottom. Image: The Sister Sophisticate

Put a piece of furniture in front of the AC vent

This idea may seem counterproductive. After all, putting pieces of furniture in front of AC vents seems like it would restrict air flow in the room. However, there are pieces of furniture with open doors at the bottom.

An example is the cabinet in the photo above. You can see how the doors at the bottom have an open design to them. All you would need to do is remove the back of the cabinet so that air from the air conditioning could come up through the doors. Any piece of furniture with an open element where the vent sits would work.

Remember while decorating to make sure your HVAC system is in working order. It may be time to do routine maintenance, filter replacements, repairs or total system replacements. Schedule an inspection with your local HVAC professional to be sure your system works properly.

Do you have any other design hacks for air vents or covers? Let us know in the comments.

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17 Gifts Any Clean Freak Will Flip For — 2018 Gift Guides

Does your mom know every cleaning trick in the book? Does your brother make you take your shoes off the second you walk in his home? Or does your coworker, with the only clutter-free desk on the floor, flee to a private conference room if you so much as sniffle?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it sounds like you know a neat freak. Of course, we mean that in the most loving way possible, which is why we’ve rounded up a whole host of gifts made especially for the tidiest person on your list.


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