6 Artisan-Supporting Companies That Will Make You Feel Good About Your Purchase

In these visually stimulating days of Pinterest, Instagram, and oh too many platforms to name, it’s hard to know if that cool little dress or unique brass necklace you’re happily sauntering home with, is actually supporting the original artist or artisan who made them. Companies, big and small (ye shall not be named), are more and more on the hook for ripping off designs and art from artisans and designers who often don’t have the manpower or funds to fight back. We rounded up six companies are doing just the opposite. It’s shopping with a conscience.


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How To Clean Hunter Boots — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

If you’ve been playing in the garden and find your Hunter boots covered in all the offerings of spring, they may be lookin’ worse for wear. Keeping them clean and tidy may seem as easy as jumping in a puddle, but high quality rubber requires just a bit more attention than your basic rain galoshes.


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Here’s How Much the Average Renovation On Fixer Upper Costs

We often get asked why we’ve dedicated so much, ahem, real estate to coverage of Fixer Upper. The bottom line, cutting through the hype, is that the eponymous HGTV show is one of the most-watched cable TV shows in the country for the last five years running — transcending the interiors obsessed, the DIY addicts, and the home flipping voyeurs to draw in millions of Americans for each episode (and now, each rerun).


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A Fashion Blogger’s “Warm Industrial” Buenos Aires Home — House Tour Greatest Hit

Name: Jana, Mariano and their children Phadi and Christ
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Size: 2,200 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, owned

This tour deserves a long look because Jana is a fashion blogger and costume designer whose personal style and philosophies are inspiring. But her home is also a decor unicorn: It’s gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing, but also a mashup of unique and unexpected elements that exemplifies just how amazing it is when you design a home that fits your personality…without worrying about trends. — Adrienne B.

Five years ago Jana and her husband bought a property containing three little houses with plans of turning them into one big home for their family. But then their architect told them that the buildings were in no condition to be saved, so the way forward was to tear them down and start building from scratch.


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Amazon Is Doing A Giant Book Drive For World Literacy Day

Amazon got its start as an online destination for books, which can be hard to remember when it’s now a destination from everything from fresh groceries to original programming. But occasionally, we get a reminder of the retail giant’s print roots. If it’s been a while, we have a new reason that will warm your heart.


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HEM Debuts a Fully Flat Pack Sofa at Milan Design Week

Believe it or not, IKEA isn’t the only company specializing in uber cool flat-pack furniture. The Sweden-based furniture company HEM is making a mark on Milan Design Week with five new products, among them an innovative flat-packed sofa and conference table.


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The Home Decor Styles You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere

Last weekend marked the start of High Point Market, the largest home furnishing industry trade show in the world. If that sounds overwhelming, that’s because it was. Booth after booth, floor after floor, I took in thousands of furniture and decor styles as they were introduced to the American market for the coming year. I’d liken it to a trip to IKEA, on a Sunday, during prime move-in season, but with a wider range of styles, price points and materials. However, if you look past the overstimulation of visuals and gargantuan feel of the IHFC (International Home Furnishings Center) building, there are definitely some perks to visiting the largest home show. The biggest one? You get a sneak peek of what will be in vogue for home decor in the coming year.


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