10 People No One Wants to Fly With

No matter if you catch an hour long flight to a nearby city or hunker down for the long haul to Asia, there are certain people that make it onto the plane that no one looks forward to being seated next to. I get it, travel isn’t a cake-walk for anyone. The seats are lumpy, you mysteriously feel starved the second you lock your seat belt on, and the next few hours are a timeline of boredom and “are-we-there-yet” feelings. But there are certain travelers that make the whole ordeal a little more eye-twitch inducing with the only upside being a potentially hilarious story you can share when you land.We’ve all experienced it before and even – dare I say it – have possibly been guilty of the crime of being that person. Ahead are 10 people no one wants to fly with!


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Author: Sofia Consola

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