Going Somewhere? How To Pack Lightly But Still Have Everything You Need

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Even with your best efforts, sometimes avoiding overpacking is a hard thing to do. There are all these scenarios that start springing up in your head, and you begin to consider all the options that might be: Maybe you’ll get invited to a fancy dinner and need that beaded evening bag or you could stumble upon a rooftop pool you’ll need your swimsuit and oversize hat for. You just never know! But if you find that time and time again you don’t use half of the outfits stashed away into your carry-on, then it might be time to change your ways. If you’d love to pack less but have no idea how to pair down your options, let this be your guide to getting started. I know it will be hard not to pack that lace dress for your camping trip, but we’ll get you there—pinky promise.


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Author: Sofia Consola

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