6 Badass Creatives On How to Get Past Being Told “No” — Wonder Women

“Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,” croons Lee Ann Womack in 2000’s pop-country tune “I Hope You Dance.” But sometimes you can’t wait for a door (or window) to open. Sometimes you just have to open your own damn door. All people in creative fields get their ideas rejected at one point. (Yes, even Don Draper.) But when you have real passion for a project, or a strong vision you want to see through to the end, it can be devastating to be told “no.” Or that you can’t move forward. That something won’t work. Or that your idea just isn’t any good.

I reached out to a group of smart women in creative careers who have all experienced being told “no” at some point. Below they share what they’ve done instead of just accepting that answer.


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Author: Sofia Consola

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