Outrageously Gorgeous Wallpapered Rooms On Instagram This Week

(Image credit: Instagram)

I have a nightly routine of sitting on the sofa after dinner (before I carry on with tidying up, reading, or whatnot) and catching up on my Instagram feed from the day. Likely I’m not alone here, nor am I alone, surely, when it comes to oohing and ahhing over gorgeous interiors, bookmarking as I go, but then quickly forgetting what I saved. Well, lately, I’ve started going back to review my picks and I noticed something: everything I dogeared this week (with the exception of recipes and ridiculous memes I share with my bffs) involved a room with wallpaper.


from http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/outrageously-gorgeous-wallpapered-rooms-on-instagram-this-week-246890
from waaaay over here —> Outrageously Gorgeous Wallpapered Rooms On Instagram This Week
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Author: Sofia Consola

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