Unexpectedly Chic: 6 Super Stylish DIY Ideas Using Bungee Cords

If you haven’t already jumped into this trend, you should. Bungee cords have been used for over a century – they’re practical, lightweight, and flexible (and no, I don’t just mean that they’re elastic). They’ve served many purposes, and I am especially loving how they are stretching their way more and more into the furniture and design realms. So direct your attention away from garages, bike storage and adrenaline-junkies, and check out these six ways to incorporate bungee cords into your DIY projects at home.

These DIYs are in no way limited to furniture, as shown in Dwell, withParisian Architect Nicolas Roche’s custom room divider made of colorful bungee cording.


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Author: Sofia Consola

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