Alice, My Mom Refuses to Attend Events If My Dad’s Girlfriend Will Be There

Dear Alice,

My parents have been divorced for nearly 20 years, and my dad is now remarried to a lovely woman. My mom refuses to interact with my dad and his wife, making for very uncomfortable/stressful moments when we are forced to all be in the same room (graduations, weddings, etc.).

A few of my mom’s friends are throwing me my baby shower in a couple of months. My dad recently ran into one of the shower hosts and asked her to include his wife. I don’t want to hurt my dad’s wife’s feelings, but her presence at the shower would upset my mom, cause the hosts to tiptoe around this painfully weird situation, and I’d end up having a miserable time.

Do you think I need to just get over it and invite my dad’s wife? If I blackball her, how do I explain to her that she is still important to me and will have a relationship with my daughter, but I’d prefer she not attend my shower?

Thanks for the advice,
Stuck in the Middle


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