It Wasn’t Just Dyson Vacuums: The Random Stuff We Actually Bought On Prime Day

Prime Day 2018 finally came (and went) this week, and it was a mix of great deals and true moments of WTF. But somewhere in the middle were the random deals we actually bought: the sometimes weird, sometimes boring, sometimes inexplicable things we purchase from Amazon because of the pressure of sales – or just because it’s Amazon.


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Palm Springs: Your Hot Spot for Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern is a trend that’s here to stay. You can thank “Mad Men” or our parents’ hand-me-downs, but either way, this style has taken up residence in homes across America. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Palm Springs. In fact, in Palm Springs, mid-century modern styling isn’t a return to anything; it’s honoring a style that never really left.

Palm Springs has historically attracted a huge range of stars, from Frank Sinatra to Liberace. And who can blame them for choosing this spot? The warm weather, palm-lined streets and myriad of pools make it quintessential Southern California. Although it’s been decades since the Rat Pack called it home, Palm Springs still embodies that nostalgic mid-century glamour.

Today, the area celebrates its fashionable heritage in a number of ways, from flat-roofed homes to Modernism Week in the fall. If you’re looking for some of the best mid-century architecture and decor in the country, look no further than this desert community.

Here are 11 stunning examples of mid-century modern design in Palm Springs:

palm springs 1

With a flat roof and colorful door, this Palm Springs home embraces its architectural roots. Even the house numbers fit the design. Image: ModShop

palm springs - windows

Full-wall windows and colorful accents give this living room a sunny Southern California feel. Plus, there’s a great view of the pool, a key player in Palm Springs yards. Image: House & Homes Palm Springs

palm springs - kitchen

Clean lines and low stools make this kitchen feel open and bright without sacrificing its vintage roots.  Image: Woodbridge Pacific Group

palm springs - modern architecture

This home blends a mid-century architectural silhouette with modern touches and the surrounding desert landscape. Image: Carré Designs

palm springs - bright living room

Mid-century modern decor shines when bright white walls provide a canvas for pops of color. A quintessential mid-century coffee table and retro fireplace complete the look. Image: STRUKTR Studios

palm springs - bathroom

This bathroom’s hexagonal wallpaper pays homage to the home’s mid-century heritage. Image: Corsini Stark Architects

palm springs - muted living room

Palm Springs can play it cool, too, like in this more subdued living room. Not even the blush-hued chairs overwhelm the space with color. Image: Izumi Tanaka

palm springs - eames chairs

No mid-century dining room would be complete without Eames-style molded plastic chairs. Image: California Lustre

palm springs - retro fireplace

A nearly-hovering fireplace is all this living room needs for an accent piece. The great view into the backyard doesn’t hurt, though. Just ask the dog. Image: Maison21

palm springs - turf rug

This polished room gets a kitschy, fun feel from its astroturf-esque rug. And Don Draper would definitely approve of the bar cart stocked with martini glasses. Image: H3K Design

palm springs - glamour

There’s no better way to give a space a sense of old-school glamour than with a plush, snowy rug. Pair it with gold-accented chairs and tropical floor-to-ceiling drapes and you’ve got Palm Springs style nailed. Image: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

What do you think? Will you be heading to Modernism week in October to see more mid-century styling firsthand?

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A Modern Montreal Apartment Boasts Bold Color Combos — House Tour

Name: Jaclyn Madar
Location: Griffintown — Montreal, QC
Size: 1,019 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, owned

Jaclyn Madar is an obstetrician and surgeon who just purchased her first real “grown-up” bachelorette apartment. A space with industrial, modern architecture, she decorated it with an eclectic vintage flair… while still having it look pulled together. She’s spunky, stylish and extremely smart, and that shows through beautifully in her home decor. Even better are the bold color combos throughout the white-walled home: A cabinet painted pink contrasts with bright blue chairs and art in the living room. And an emerald green wallpaper flirts with a magenta closet door in the bedroom.


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Steal This Decorating Idea From Your Grandparents’ Living Room

Raise a hand if your grandparents’ home involved loads of dried flowers on every surface. Does thinking about it make you shudder? Before you totally repress the memory, know that this decorating idea was good for a reason, and here’s why you should give it a second look.


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Does it Work? We Tested Those Soap-Free Spaghetti Scrubber Sponges

I recently learned something that totally blew my mind: you uh… actually don’t need soap to wash your dishes. Or at least, that’s what one cleaning brand called Goodbye Detergent claims, thanks to their Original Spaghetti Scrub.


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Getting Ready to Move? Here’s What to Look for in Your Real Estate Agent

Picking a real estate agent is a huge step toward becoming a homeowner. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. There are often more than enough agents in your area to choose from, but how do you know when you’ve found the right one?

If you’re about to enter the real estate market, this post is for you. We’ve outlined four crucial qualities to look for in your real estate agent. When you land on the right combination, you’ll have found your perfect match.

Ask questions of your potential real estate agent to gauge experience levels. Image: Norris Architecture

Overall experience

Buying a home, especially for the first time, can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you’re about to make a huge purchase, one that requires managing several timelines and signing legal documents. If you’ve never done it before, you’re going to want someone to lead you through the process. You need a real estate agent with experience to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Before hiring anyone for the job, make sure to interview them. Ask how many years they’ve been in the business, as well as how many transactions they complete per year, on average. Their comfort level in answering these questions should give you a sense of how well they’ll be able to lead you through househunting.


Focus on someone who knows your new area. Image: Rawpixel

Familiarity with the area

Whether you’re moving from afar or from just around the corner, make sure you hire someone who’s familiar with the area where you’re looking to end up. Put simply, your agent is there to be a resource for you. Though they’re legally not allowed to give an opinion of the quality of the area, they can guide your search toward neighborhoods that meet your needs.

If you’re moving from far away, we recommend that you look for a referral from an agent where you currently live. They can put you in touch with a reputable agent in your new area. However, always be sure to research on your own as well. Search for the top real estate agents in the area where you intend to move.

real estate personality

Trust your gut when interviewing a potential real estate agent. Image: Sharratt Design Company

A compatible personality

This one’s a bit subjective, but you should absolutely choose a real estate agent with whom you get along well. The reality is that you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time with this person, and they’re going to help you make one of your biggest decisions to date. Your agent should be someone you trust, someone who you feel has your best interests at heart.

As you interview the agent, ask yourself: How do you feel about their responses? Were they informative enough? Were they too brusque or too timid for your tastes? Do you think you would get along well together or butt heads? Do you feel comfortable trusting them with your financials? All of these are important concerns that you’ll need to sort out on a case-by-case basis.

real estate reviews

Be sure to read online reviews. Image: Laura Hursthouse Design

Good reviews

While you’re conducting research, look up reviews for any agents that are at the top of your list. These days, people will review everything from movies to pet stores. Any real estate agent worth their salt is going to have at least a handful of recommendations on home search websites like Trulia and Zillow.

Reviews are key because they offer a unique point of view, one that is very similar to your own. They let you know what the agent was like to work with on a day-to-day basis, how they handled problems and if you’re in good hands.

Choosing a real estate agent may feel like a daunting task, but with the right research, you can find one that suits both your needs and your comfort level. What has your experience been like working with real estate agents? Did you find your perfect match? We’d love to hear about it below!

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This Was the Biggest Mistake I Made When Buying My First Home

The very first time I walked into the house I now call home, I fell in love. It was in a quiet, tree-lined cul de sac where children played in the streets—yet it was only 10 minutes from the downtown core. I couldn’t believe how much space there was: three bedrooms (room enough for possible babies to come), a yard with a deck, a huge finished basement, and even a little lawn where I imagined my husband and I would grow vegetables.


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