A Lovely Little LA Nook for Two Roommates — House Tour

Name: Lucia and Page
Location: Highland Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, rented

Roommates Lucia and Page have a decorating motto when it comes to treasures from thrift stores: If you want it, you get it! That’s how they were able to create a pretty home even though they don’t have a big budget. The roommates say they complement each other perfectly: Page is good at solving problems and Lucia is the handy one. Whenever Page has a decorating idea, Lucia is already searching YouTube for how to do it!


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The Best Bathrobes — Annual Guide 2017

It’s peak bathrobe time because it’s getting COLD and we never buy nice bathrobes for ourselves; they’re always that awesome gift from someone who LOVES you. So, we did a ton of new research, pulled our fourteen favorites, tested four front runners at our offices and awarded this year’s Top Pick to the Amigo Robe from Abyss (Maxwell’s personal pick) and the Atelier Ace X Wings + Horns Robe from the Ace Hotel Shop, which ran away with the office vote. Both are great, have different styles and price points. Check them all out below and tell us your faves in the comments.


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Meryl Streep Just Bought This Mid-Century Home in Pasadena

Meryl is on the move. The 20-time Academy Award nominee (and three-time winner) just dropped $3.6 million on a mid-century pad in Pasadena, California.


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Here’s Where Procrastinators Can Still Get Holiday Cards in Time for Christmas

Were you the type that put off working on term papers for weeks just to stay up ‘til 4am writing them the morning they were due? If so, chances are good you’ve probably also waited until the last-minute to decorate for Christmas and Hanukkah, and send off those holiday cards. Well, for all you procrastinators out there we’ve got a major PSA: today is a big cut-off day when it comes to ordering (and receiving in time for Christmas) your holiday cards from a number of favorite online card makers (for those of you that prefer design-forward site Moo, know that their cut-off was yesterday, unfortunately).

As extra enticement to order, a number of these sites are also offering huge last-minute sales. So really, what other excuses do you have to put off ordering all your office cards, party cards, and family cards?

Here’s the breakdown:


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This Instagram Holiday Trend Epitomizes 2017 Decor Vibes

2017 was a year infatuated with desert vibes. Everywhere you turned it seemed as though someone was waving goodbye to city life for the quiet and dusty roads of Joshua Tree, or you know, cactus stores were popping up in your neighborhood. And now, one look at Instagram, and you’ll notice that those desert vibes have taken over Christmas in a big way. Enter: The Cactus Christmas tree.


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The Top 10 Housing Markets of 2018 Are All in the South and West

Las Vegas will be the hottest housing market in America next year, according to Realtor.com — and not just because the average high temperature is 100 degrees or more from June through August.


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A Cool California Modern Boho Abode — House Call

“My husband and I bought our house when I was pregnant with our first-born nine years ago. It was a foreclosure and previously owned by someone who was trying to "flip” it. We did not like the design choices he made but we loved the neighborhood and luckily, choosing to buy in Venice, California has been a great investment,“ writes blogger and designer Kristin Dion. "Over time, we have made several improvements. We replaced all the doors, added hardwood floors in the bedrooms, remodeled the kitchen, added bi-fold doors and a deck off the kitchen/dining area and built-ins in the family and living rooms. Our next project is the master bathroom!”


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