13 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About

Renters like nice things too! And, thankfully, each year more and more products emerge that are removable and won’t jeopardize your security deposit when you move out. So, you can fix up your space temporarily and not sacrifice style. Here are ten rental-worthy products—all adhesive—to consider.


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13 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About

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You’d Be Surprised What You Can Do with a Can of Spray Paint

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Spray paint is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to achieve the look you want. And the possibilities are endless. For example, if you find an object on sale but it’s not in the desired color, you can always just spray paint it. If you have old, outdated items, spray paint can transform them. And don’t forget there are TV programs dedicated to finding thrift store items, then painting and reselling them at a significantly higher price.

These are just some of the cool ways you can decorate with spray paint.

Spray Paint Ideas

metallic gold

Metallic gold makes everything look more expensive. Image: Rustoleum

According to Kymberlyn Lacy, Principal Designer at International Flair Designs, there are many things that you can refresh and restore with spray paint. “Add a little shimmer to old picture frames by spray painting them with a metallic gold, bronze or silver spray paint,” Lacy says.

“You can also revitalize old brass chandeliers with a vibrantly colored spray paint that coordinates with your room design.”

Krylon chairs

Depending on your color choice, you can make chairs look vintage or new. Image: Krylon

Here’s another good tip. “Paint wooden chairs or an old vintage piece of furniture to add a wow factor to your room design,” Lacy says.

colorshot teal green

Your imagination is the only limit. Image: Colorshot

“Spray paint works on wood, metal, plastic and more, so you can refresh a variety of existing items in your home with a whole new color palette,” explains Vanessa Aceves at Colorshot. “Use spray paint to update your flower pots and planters with color. Try using stickers or tape to mask off areas for creating cool shapes and patterns when spraying.”

spray paint 2

Experiment with different colors. Image: Colorshot

Chloe Tatoe at Colorshot explains, “You can choose an entirely new color family for maximum impact without spending a fortune on all new items.” For example, Tatoe recommends choosing a bold color to make an item the focal point of the room. “Then, surround it with more subdued, yet complementary, shades to help it pop,” she says. Tatoe encourages Freshome readers to go glam with metallic spray paint.

Appliance Spray Paint

red refrig

The red refrigerator brings this room alive. Image: Adam Butler Photography

If your appliances have seen better days, you can restore their natural beauty – or you can change colors completely – with appliance paint. That dingy white refrigerator can be transformed into a shiny new red one. Note: appliance paint is different from regular spray paint. It’s formulated for indoor metal surfaces and is moisture resistant and designed to withstand heat.

Spray Painting Tips

vintage vanity

A vintage vanity gets new life with an ombre paint job. Image: Krylon

While spray painting is relatively easy, Megan Abraham, Associate Brand Manager at Krylon, provides the following tips for the perfect paint job.

  • Before starting your project, read the label for safety and application instructions and always spray in a well-ventilated area.
  • To ensure a smooth finish, paint in the shade on days when humidity is low. As for technique, it’s recommended that you move the can back and forth, overlapping each spray pattern to ensure uniform coverage. The best way to do this is to start and stop spraying off of the object.
kitchen cart

A spray painted dorm kitchen cart. Image: Krylon

  • Use two to three light coats rather than one thick coat of paint. You’ll also want to be aware of the recoat times listed on the back of the can, which will tell you the optimal time to apply the next coat.
  • For the best results, use a spray paint primer whenever possible as it creates a clean, smooth surface that increases paint adhesion, seals your surface and ensures the true paint color is achieved.
  • Air bubbles are one result you don’t want to see after completing a spray paint project. To ensure a smooth, even finish, make sure the surface of your project is clean, dull and dry before spray painting. Also, it is best to spray paint when temperatures are between 55 and 75° F and humidity is below 60%. If you do have air bubbles on a project, allow the spray paint to dry before lightly sanding the surface area and reapplying.

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Airbnb Wants to Send You to Italy on Sabbatical

We’re only a few weeks into the new year and Airbnb is already offering an opportunity to escape our normal lives while helping to preserve a cherished UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Amy Sedaris’ Apartment Is Just as Quirky as She Is

If you love Amy Sedaris’ quirky, madcap style of humor, then you’ll really love her West Village apartment. New York magazine recently recently published a video tour from Wendy Goodman of the space, which Amy shares with her rabbit, Tina. Commenting on YouTube, user VillageKevTalks described it thus: “it’s like if Barbie, a cat lady, and Wes Anderson shared a home together.” It is! And it’s every bit as delightful as that sounds.


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Alert: Parachute Just Released Their Own Mattress

It’s a match made in homebody heaven: home essentials brand Parachute has just released their own mattress — and, unsurprisingly, it’s a game changer. One of the fastest-growing and most popular lifestyle brands to spring up in the past five years, Parachute previously entered the home goods market with luxury bath towels and bedding at fair prices. Now they’re setting themselves apart from the growing field of digital-first bedding and bath brands with the launch of their very own mattress. They even gave it an ambitious name: it’s simply The Mattress, and it starts at $1,299 for a twin.


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The One Thing I Bought (& Still Use!) After KonMari-ing My Entire Home

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2014, shortly after it was released in the United States. I had never read a self-help-style book, but I had always struggled with clutter and felt like I was being pulled in two directions: I wanted to live in hotel room-like minimalism, but I also loathed getting rid of things. What followed was something I could easily describe as both life-changing and magic: My apartment became far less cluttered, but, more importantly, I felt freed from future clutter. It’s not that clutter and mess stopped building up (unread New Yorkers have a way of doing that), it’s that when it does, I can quickly cull it rather than agonizing over what I should and shouldn’t keep.


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The One Thing I Bought (& Still Use!) After KonMari-ing My Entire Home

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The Beautiful Brownstone of New York Magazine’s Wendy Goodman — House Tour

Name: Wendy Goodman
Location: Greenwich Village — New York, New York
Years lived in: 1997-present

Wendy Goodman’s New York apartment feels particularly storied, and not just because it’s full of books. A born and raised New Yorker, she’s called this Greenwich Village apartment home for 20 years, and it shows — her place has that layered, easy feel that homes that have been lived in, and loved, for many years begin to take on.


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