15 Free Things for Art and Design Lovers to Do in NYC

If you live in New York, you don’t need another reminder of how outrageously expensive this city is. But while rent, down payments on a house and living costs are undeniably high, Manhattan and its boroughs attempt to make it up to us by being rich in plenty of 100% free-to-enjoy art, culture and design. From art museums, to craft fairs, to gallery openings, this is how starving artists (and designers!) save in the city.

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MoD Must Haves: Automobile inspired Tecnogas Superiore Ranges

MoD Must Haves
stylish, tactile, novel 
for range design lovers

Inspired by art, cuisine and engineering. This sums up Tecnogas Superiorepremium range and hood options for any home kitchen.

Barbuto NYC has an open kitchen concept where the chefs are right on front of you preparing your meal. A perfect place to break bread and learn more about the company’s heritage and how Tecnogas is starting to release their ranges to a broader U.S. market. 

With the Tecnogras and Flying Camel families, Rebecca Rynolds, Chuck Wheelock, Glen Pelaso

The ranges  are manufactured in the Po river area in Emilia, Italy also known  as “Motor Valley” with Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati motorcycle factories close by. Their designs have wonderful detailing borrowing influences from the automobile industry like chrome accents and analog knobs.

 DECO collection

The DECO collection can be personalized to your color and trim preference. I love the black range with bronze accents. So dramatic!

The  Matte red is usually painted with chrome accessories reimagining the ‘50s and the iconic Cadillac 

Manufactured with triple pane glass, the Panorama window stays cool to the touch even when the oven is heated at very high temperatures. So great if your a home chef with little kids running around.

Their ranges defines innovation with its three zone cooktop, dual gas burners, four induction zones and electric griddle. Tecnogas also has a collection of ventilation hoods distinctive for both performance and style. Connect with Tecnogas on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and their WEBSITE 

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Watch A Cat Tackle An Indoor Rock Wall Like a Champ — Internet Interlude

I think we’ve found the 2016 version of Hang In There Kitty. Check out this video of a cat in Japan that tackles an indoor rock wall like a total boss.

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How One Frugal Shopper Created a Lovely Home on a Limited Budget — Thrift With Confidence

Tavia’s inviting home doesn’t sport any one specific style, and yet it perfectly shows off her personality. It’s full of well-made furniture and quirky accessories. It’s the kind of space you’d instantly be comfortable in.

Her home is impressive for all the reasons listed above, but it’s also admirable because Tavia didn’t spend a ton of money. She crafted this warm, lived-in home thanks to the frugal powers of thrifting. And she’s revealed where she does her best second-hand shopping, the items she always looks for and more.

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Before & After: Real Life Renovating Tips From a Pro Who Took His House From Blighted To Beautiful

We recently featured a House Tour of Shena and George’s Formerly Blighted, Beautifully Salvaged New Orleans Home; owner George Peake’s transformation of this 19th century house from a decrepit property on the brink of demolition to the gorgeous home it is today is staggering. George graduated from The Tulane School of Architecture and has been renovating historic houses in New Orleans since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina forced him to rebuild his first property.

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Half-Sunk in the Dune House

architecture modern house design
Located on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects rises over the harsh terrain, offering views of the North Sea.

Its shape resembles a wooden diamond, which varies in angle and exposure as the visual perspective shifts. According to the architects, “the forces of nature prevalent in the environment – the sea, the sunlight and the local wind patterns – determine the design in such a way as if they themselves had sculpted the house. It is above all a very contextual design and for this reason every material was chosen after close examination of the colors and textures found in the environment.”
exterior modern house designStep inside and you will discover a surprising array of interiors, where curious shapes are well emphasized by an abundance of natural light: The loft-like house recreates the experience of having a walk on the dunes in its interior as a spiraling promenade architectural around its core as one continuous path from platform to platform, each just a few steps higher than the next.

This generates very interesting spatial and visual relations between each of the rooms, but also towards the landscape as each opening in the house has been shaped, sized and positioned in a specific way, according to its function. Sustainable features of the design include the use of prefabricated wood, solar panels, and a biomass run fireplace. [Photography: Marc Koehler Architects]

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Why One Writer is Done Traveling for the Holidays — Kitchn

From Kitchn → Why I’m Never Traveling for the Holidays Again

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