We’re Hiring: Join Our Team of Global House Tour Contributors

Love Apartment Therapy House Tours? Want to join our team and share stylish spaces from your part of the world? Well, now is your time! We’re putting out a special call for Tour Contributors. If you’ve got strong photography skills, an excellent eye for style and are inspired by wonderfully designed homes and the people who live in them, read on.

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The Mistakes You’re Making With Your 401K

Just having a 401K is a good start. But it’s what you do with it that has a major impact on your retirement. You’re the one in charge of it all, but saving for the future doesn’t have to be another dread on your financial checklist. With a little solid advice, you’ll be well on your way to conquering common 401K mistakes and closer to your retirement dream.

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Sophisticated Loft Living in Refurbished Barn Home


These buildings in Amsterdam, formerly a pair of barns intended for crop storage, have been transformed into modern, loft-like living spaces. Located just north of the IJ river in the neighborhood of Amsterdam Noord. Houben & Van Mierlo Architecten lead the design on these charming homes.

The buildings went through several metamorphoses over the years, with additions and outbuildings being added on to the main building as needs changed. Both buildings were stripped back to the original shells before renovation began.


The large open-plan rooms allowed for high ceilings and loft- living spaces. The new floors were plastered cement-screed, and the original ceilings were kept, exposed for additional character. Brick walls were whitewashed, and the pitched roofs were given addition support with black steel columns, in keeping with the industrial aesthetic.


At the request of one of the clients, two photographers, a photography studio was incorporated into the design. The photography studio features clerestory windows with natural light, providing a natural viewing area for the work. A window in the interior wall allows a view from the master bedroom into the studio.













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A Fond Farewell to a Smart Small Space — House Call

Name: Carlee
Location: Templeton, California

My husband and I rented a granny unit studio that was 400 square feet. We were just teenagers when we first moved in and couldn’t afford much, which is why we decided to rent it. The perk was that while it was hideous as all get out, our landlord was willing to let us do whatever we wanted to the place. When we first moved in it was covered head to toe in wood panelling and ceiling tiles. We tore everything down, textured the walls, painted the cabinets and redid the floors. We even decided to stay here after I found out I was pregnant and converted the sunroom into a baby room.

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An Organized and Beautiful Way to Save Mementos in a Digital World — Maxwell’s Daily Find

I received a Savor starter kit — the Baby and the School Years keepsake boxes — from a friend a few months ago. These boxes are such a beautiful, organized, and well-curated way to store the important objects from your son or daughter’s childhood, and I’ve never seen anything quite like them. Check out my Daily Find video above and read on below to learn more about the Savor keepsake library and why every parent should have one!

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DIYs That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Like an Anthropologie Catalog

Flipping through the Anthropologie catalog is a transportive experience that feels like stepping into a modern Bohemian dreamland. Inspired by the much-coveted Anthro aesthetic, we’ve pulled together some bedroom DIYs that capture the look, complete with tassels, giant pom-poms and tons of texture. Grab some yarn, your bedroom is about to get a mini Anthro-makeover.

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IKEA Kitchens and Architects, a Match Made in Heaven — Kitchn

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From Kitchn → How Professional Architects Do IKEA Kitchens

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