A Modern Mix of Greenery in a Small San Francisco Apartment — House Tour

Name: Jessica Henry
Location: Duboce Triangle — San Francisco, California
Size: 500 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years, renting

Jessica likes to collect things that remind her of a specific time and place, like the leather butterfly chair she got in Argentina, or the bedroom mirror she found at a San Diego thrift store. All of those mementos combined with eclectic accents — and lots and lots of greenery — are what makes her place special. “The mix of my travel finds with some modern furniture and a ton of plants makes the flat feel cozy while brimming with personality,” Jessica says. “It gives you a much richer connection to the things you have, and makes for a good story as you show guests around your home.”


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Clever Hacks Using Inexpensive IKEA Rugs

Whether you’re partial to the sturdy sisal OLSTED or the cozy RENS sheepskin, IKEA rugs are ideal for projects that call for a hardworking textile. Designed to survive a daily parade of dirty shoes, it’s no wonder these rugs can be stitched, glued and stapled into ultra-durable bags, benches and pillows. These DIYs may not take long to put together, but we’re betting they’ll last for years.


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Furniture Placement Ideas for an Awkward Living Room Layout — The Room Layout Doctor is In

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, particularly a small apartment, this situation probably sounds familiar: you’ve signed a lease, you’re so excited about your new place, and then you realize—you have no idea where to put the furniture. And that’s where we come in. In this new column, we’re tackling the weirdest and most perplexing space planning solutions. Did the Room Layout Doctor do a good job of fitting everything in? You be the judge.


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Before & After: A Vintage Dresser is Transformed by an Image Transfer

We’ve seen plenty of knock out paint upgrades on the site, but Diane’s dresser makeover adds an extra special element. Paint, glaze, wax and one stunning transfer lead to one heck of a statement piece.


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Take 10: Beautiful Bathroom Sink Consoles Made from Vintage Dressers

(Image credit: Wit & Delight)

Vintage dressers are a bathroom renovator’s best friend, as they can lend a healthy dose of character to the old W.C. for a fraction of the price of most (boring) made-to-order vanities. What’s more is, if you know how to drill a hole into wood, you’re half way to repurposing your own vintage dresser into a vanity/ sink console. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the drool-worthiest dresser-turned-vanities currently in existence to help you with the other half of the process: deciding which dresser to use.


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Before & After Blowout: The Big Bathroom Makeover Gallery

We will never, ever, ever get enough of bathroom remodels. And if you’re in the mood for just a quick hit of some serious makeover magic, scroll through the gallery to see some of our fave tile transformations, bath boosts and sink sensations. Revisit some old favorites and a few new ones, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle your own bathroom project!


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